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08/04/09 01:16 PM #1    

Sandi Dinehart

So far I'm loving the book Kathryn, thank you!!

Angela and Shrley, fabulous job! I had so much fun reconnecting with everyone and was not disappointed at all, everyone has truly become fabulous women!

I am so tickled to have gotten my varsity letter after 30 years!! Thanks so much Ellen Carder and whoever else had a hand in that. And I was delighted to have Anna Marie and Mary Eileen Lopez present it to me. So much time was spent with the Lopez family from the time I was quite young it was like recieving it from a family member. Mary Eileen to this day is one of my most special friends.

I'll post my pictures as soon as I find a 10 year old to show me how to do it... :)

Much love to you all,

Sandi Dinehart

08/04/09 01:37 PM #2    

Carolyn Hickey (Tow)

Shirley, Angela and SMA Class of 1979-
Thanks so much for letting an interloper like myself attend the reunion it was a blast-Why I left SMA after 2 years is beyond me. I have to admit attending the reunion made me me feel like a third wheel tagging along with a couple on a really hot date-therefore I didn't mingle as much as I wanted and I regret that. It was fun all the same! If you are in need of a golf course for a future event don't hesitate to contact me. It was great to see everyone-you all are fabulous!

08/05/09 01:01 AM #3    

Jetty Harrietta) Stutzman

Thank you for all your hard work Angela and Shirley. It is much appreciated!

It was a joy to see so many old friends and familiar faces at the reunion, after all these years (I missed the 20th). I really enjoyed catching up with many of you, and am just sorry that I didn't get around to chat with everyone that I'd hoped to at the dinner. I especially loved hearing about some of the goofy details that friends remembered about me from high school... you know, some of those things that only your REALLY old friends know about you? I look forward to re-connecting more with some of you on my regular trips to Portland. If anyone is in the L.A. area, and would like to hook up, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

08/06/09 08:20 PM #4    

Lisa Brown (Evans)

Thank you Shirley and Angela, great job.

I truly had a wonderful time seeing everyone and sharing old stories and new stories. I am so blessed to have been surrounded by so many wonderful women.

08/15/09 09:54 PM #5    

Brenda Britz (Carson)

I am so sad that I missed the reunion. It sounds like it was alot of fun! My daughter, Natalie, had to have spine surgery on July 31st, and was in the hospital for 6 days. She really needed her Mom at that time. The surgery was a success & she is doing great.

Please post pictures if you can. I would love to see everyone again!

08/17/09 08:11 PM #6    

Kathleen (Kitty) Killeen (Jennings)

Hello to all,

Sorry it has taken me so long to say something, had a family emergency same week as reunion. Really loved seeing everyone. So sorry I didn't get to talk with all who attended. I have to say tho , I THINK THAT WE ALL LOOKED FABULOUS! Women just age so much better than men!! Don't you agree? Not only that, but the quality and the accomplishment of the women of the class of '79 inspire me to do better and more with my life. We have such a diverse group of accomplished women, in the class. I consider myself very fortunate indeed, to be associated in any way to any of our classmates. I had a blast with the people at my table, the music brought me back to the gym and 1976,1977, 1978,1979 and the
girls standing on one side and the boys on the other and our wonderful hairdo's and our greast outfits!THAT MY DAUGHTER NOW BORROWS FOR 70's NIGHT IN COLLEGE There
were alot of people missing, and to you I say, HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON. But to all who were there, GREAT TO SEE YOU! Please keep in contact. Thank you,so very much to Shirley and Angela for all the effort and the acccomplishment in putting this all together. Please keep in contact with those you reconnected with for the reunion,its worth the trouble. To those of you who
could'nt make it for one reason or another, please reach out to the people you have been thinking about for all these years, we're all waiting to hear and see you! Life is short! But friendships last forever!!!
All my best!
Kitty Killeen Jennings

08/30/09 01:24 PM #7    

Lisa Brown (Evans)

Well almost a month has passed since the reunion. I am still thinking about how much fun it was and how important it is for us to keep a lifeline of communication. I know some of us don't get on this site very often; but maybe set a reminder in your Outlook or something to check-in every few months would be great. This way we won't let time pass us by again with out contact. Also, please don't forget to let me know when you fly into Atlanta. I would love to meet for lunch, dinner or something = this goes for all the SMA Women.

09/20/09 04:39 PM #8    

Mary Ferguson (Glass)

Hello lovely women, I had planned on posting a note the day after the reunion, but here I am almost 8 weeks later... It was really a great weekend and so so nice to see everyone. I have been telling all my other friends that they should go to their reunions because ours was so fun! I was brave and played golf and it was a blast, next time lets talk more into playing or to just come along for the ride. Saturday night everyone looked so great, I feel lucky to be a part of such an accomplished group of women. Thanks for being YOU.... Happy Fall everyone

09/23/09 10:11 AM #9    

Lisa Brown (Evans)

I am sure everyone has seen the horrible flooding we are having in the Southeast. Atlanta was hit very hard. My home is fine. I just can't get to work. Roads are blocked and freeways are closed or underwater. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Please check out some websites to see the pictures. I added a picture on my profile.

When I saw Six Flags Over GA - the huge rollercoasters under water i really freaked out. What a trip.

09/23/09 02:36 PM #10    

Marianne Darby (Chezem)

To Kristie Gottche, Hi This is Marianne Darby and I work in the medical field. I would be very interested in helping out with your mother. I work days but I could come over after work and feed your mom, bath her and get her ready for bed. If this is something that sounds like it would work please get back to me at 503-764-5612.

09/23/09 07:48 PM #11    

Shirley Koch (Bishop)

Hi Everyone,
Wow, I can't believe how time flies. I have not been on the site for what seems like months.
Lisa - sorry to hear about the flooding but glad you're OK.
Kristy - sorry to hear about your parents - I'm sure someone will come forward to help.
Marianne - Wow, you are awesome to offer to help. That's huge!
I had so much fun at the reunion and tell everyone about it all. It was alot of work but well worth it.
Kate - your book is excellent and is making it's way around my book club.
Sandi - your too funny! Hope you find that 2 yr. old to help you update your profile.
Keep posting notes all of you. It's wonderful keeping in touch.
One more note. I am still taking orders for shirts and hats if anyone is interested. Just go into the 4 Sale and let me know what you want. I have just delivered the first order to a few.
Love you all. Thanks for being my friend!

09/24/09 11:18 AM #12    

Kristine (Kristy) Gottsch

Dear SMA Sisters,
I'm sorry I missed the reunion.
I'm the respit for my dad who is taking care of my mom with advance Alzheimer's. Nuff said.
So, I just want to say how touched I am that you all have taken the time to send me support, leads, suggestions and personal offerings to help.
My eyes well up with tears as I write this posting to say that I just can't believe it. I didn't know our bond ran this deep. I am so happy and inspired by your lovely jestures and concerns at a time when I've really been wondering what happened to my team. You see, I have a family of siblings who don't have the time.
You cannot know how much you've given me just through your words.
Thank you all, and I'm very sorry I missed you at the reunion. I had you all in my heart.
Best regards,
Kristy (503-440-2566)

09/27/09 09:06 AM #13    

Lisa Brown (Evans)

Well this has been great catchin up. Sandi Dinehart and I met in Dallas two weeks ago during my companies National HR Meeting. We had dinner, drinks, great conversation and many laughs. This is what makes SMA so special. Rebuilding the bonds we all had as we get older is pretty awesome.

10/06/09 05:45 PM #14    

Sandi Dinehart

Hey All! Yes I too think about our reunion often, what a blast , and yes you are all truly remrkable women.I had a great time reconnecting with Lisa Brown Evans in Dallas, crashing her company party I felt like I was back in the gym at SMA....Lisa you are welcome back anytime and come stay with me for a while.

Kristy, my heart is with you and your parents. My Dad was diagnosed last year with Alzeimers, it is quite a blow to a family, I am so fortunate, that even though we are sepertaed by many states, we are all in solidarity about his care and treatment, yet my one oldest sister Michelle has the brunt of the work as she is right there in Arizona with him. I am sorry that you do not have more support from your siblings and am glad for your parents that they have you. I wish I could do more for you, just know I'll hold you in my heart and send you love and light to help you through with your very challenging task, and I will be dilligent to help Michelle as much as I can, your situation has inspired me.

To everyone else, I have vowed to try to to stay in touch more. My sister Debbie was inspired by our reunion as well. She is SMA class of 76 and has made an effort to start reaching out to her classmates as well. We were thinking about arranging another gathering in Portland around the holidays for the classes of 70 somethings that we all hung out with from Central and St Marys, my brother is class of 77 Central. Of course Jesuit could be included as well as well as anyone from any other school that we hung out with. Let me know if you'd be interested in something like this . Debbie and I will arrange it I'd just like to get a pulse for interest from all of you.

Ciao for now! Sandi

11/18/09 09:33 AM #15    

Marianne Darby (Chezem)

Sandi,I'm totally in for the 23rd of December. Are spouces welcome? If so, I'll be bringing my fiance. What fun this will be!!!!! Marianne

12/02/09 12:37 PM #16    

Sandi Dinehart

That's great Marianne! Of course spouses are welcome! Friends family, even kids (up until 9pm at this venue)

The hours are 6 to 9pm BTW, I noticed I failed to list them......

I look forward to seeing you!



01/03/10 06:12 PM #17    

Lisa Brown (Evans)

Happy Holidays and New Year. Well it's 2010. Sounds like a year from the Jetsons.

Anyway the SMA, Central gathering was small but fun. We shared laughs, hugs, wine and beer. Great to see some to people from several years of school attend.

I wish everyone a great 2010.

01/02/11 11:53 AM #18    

Marianne Darby (Chezem)

Well there was alot happening in our world and in my life. I got re married after a 5 year stint of being alone. I married the most wonderful guy in the world. He is from the south and treats me like the southern gentlemen treat women. I got a new job with Tuality Hospital in Hillboro and I love it. My husband and I moved to Vernonia which sits at the base of the coastal range. Small town life is great! I love raising chickens, lots of cats, horses, and a few too many dogs. The beauty out here is amazing. Deer running across the front yard, elk everywhere. This city girl has gone country!!! I hope everyone has a happy ang joyous year this coming 2011. I wish the best for all of you!!

01/18/11 08:11 PM #19    

Mary Beth McCormick

Hi Everyone,

I just found out that Liz Dunham past away.  I was wondering if anyone knows if they are holding a memeorial for her here in Portland.  I would love to go.  If you know anything could you please get a hold of me.  503 -201-6028.  sorry to miss everyone at the reunioin.  My father passed away and I was helping my mother and handicapped brother.

Hope to see some of you soon,

Mary Beth McCormick


01/19/11 10:23 PM #20    


Teresa Sheedy (Liberator)

Hi everyone! Sorry I missed the reunion. I have no good excuse. I was just out working in the yard and forgot about it, and when it came to mind and I went in to search for the invite, I figured out that I'd missed most of the festivities already.

Sorry to hear about Liz. There should be something in the paper telling when services will be. If I see something, I'll post it here.

On a lighter note, I am having a 50th birthday party/Pampered Chef cooking show/open house at my new house on Thursday, January 27th at 7 pm. Anyone who feels inclined to attend feel free to come by. It will be great fun, with some adult libations and great treats. It would be so fun to see some of you there.

House is at 1466 NW 176th PL, Beaverton, OR 97006

phone is 503-533-0186, or 503-672-7450.

Hope some of you can make it. The more the merrier. If you can't come but you want to order something from Pampered Chef, you can do so on the following website:

Host number is H1H4. If you add that to your order, you and I will get credit and you may earn 50% off on certain items.

Hope all is well with everyone!


03/11/13 02:15 PM #21    


Teresa Sheedy (Liberator)

Hi. I am still trying to get a group together to start planning our 35th reunion. I have created a facebook group called SMA CLASS OF 1979 in Facebook. I have been asking many of you to be Facebook friends so that I can add you to this group. However, I guess I was a pretty obscure classmate because several of you sent an email to Facebook saying you don't know me and now they won't let me ask to be friends with anyone for a week. If you are already Facebook friends with some of our classmates, please let them know that I'm trying to connect us all for a reunion and make sure they don't block me!. And help me out by telling those that you know to send me a friend request so that I can add them to the group. I think people see Facebook more often than they come here, so planning a reunion from there might be easier. Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone in June 2014.

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