Erin Couch

Profile Updated: June 22, 2009
Residing In: Portland, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: Rich Hammons
Occupation: Architect
Children: Hugh and Colin born 1999

Like all of you, I went forward to college -school of Architecture at the University of Oregon. Managed to stay out of jail (some escapades cannot be repeated here) and found the only guy on campus who didn't drink or do drugs like I had to marry him in 1987. Wasn't because we did anything naughty, Sr. Doloreen!

Fast forward through 8 years of infertility to 1999 when our twins were born -I may have been the only mother at the 20 year reunion pumping breast milk in the women's room. I am looking forward to this one -I will not be similarly occupied.

I am a medical architect now designing hospitals, clinics and medical office buildings. Been in this business for 25 years and have somehow managed to be employed through two recessions -must be that St. Mary's backgroundl. Served as a SMA Board member for 6 years with Mary Ferguson Glass with a lot of great supporters.

Our children Hugh and Colin will be fifth graders at The Madeleine, the school their grandmother attended and many of you as well.

School Story:

Plenty that would probably bore my class mates -but I do remember getting the entire library with Sister Doloreen to help me find my missing contact, only to find it was still in my eye...flipping off Lori Abraham in basketball practice and Coach Kinyon thinking I had done it to her (I didn't know you could run 100 sets of lines and still survive)...passing notes with Claire Stack about our Cleveland High boyfriends in Pre-Calculus and trying to not get caught by Sr. Mollie...thanking God above that Tricia Baker was elected Student body President and that I was Vice President instead...learning to play bridge with the sisters during Mini-Week (those gals were ruthless!) ...sneaking into the balcony to watch Donald O'Connor rehearse for The Music Man...'kidnapping' Claire along with Jane Zimmerman on her 18th birthday...and a thousand other stories

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 9:31 PM
At Rich's parent's 50th anniversary in 2005 -okay, the boys have grown a bit -