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•   Monica Palermini (Butler)


•   Colette Wilson (Wilson)  2/17
•   Mollyanne Conroy (Sherman)  2/4
•   Heidi Gambee  12/18
•   Kristine (Kristy) Gottsch  11/21
•   Kathleen Naughton  11/19
•   Shirley Koch (Bishop)  11/19
•   Karrie McKernan (Klee)  8/18
•   Mary Cullerton (Kjemperud)  8/7
•   Leslie Hart (Jensen)  8/4
•   Aleson Macfarlane  8/3
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•   Deborah Kelleher (Moss)  2/22
•   Kerry Leahy (Buhmann)  3/3
•   Kathleen Naughton  3/3
•   Elizabeth Carney  3/6
•   Barbara Holland (Katz)  3/8
•   Yvonne Pohl (Dymerski)  3/8
•   Helen Carney (Miller)  3/9
•   Theresa Clarizio (Culbertson)  3/17
•   Terry Wettengel  3/17


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

St Mary's Academy High School
Class Of 1979

Hello Ladies of SMA 1979!

Did you know we have a private Facebook page?  Join us there too!  The page is called SMA79. It is a secret group so it's not public.  There are only 46 who have joined us there.  But if you want to keep very private, this is your place!

So, our 40th Reunion is just around the corner!  June 28, 29, 30th, 2019. Plans are being made now!  

The first step of course is to start reaching out to all those alums from 1979 that you may still keep in touch with. Get their most current email addresses, encourage them to join us on Facebook and of course on our website that you've come to.  We pay for this website so let's use it.  There are lots of features that help keep us in touch.  Do your part and update your profile now!

This email is going out to all those emails currently on this website.  If yours or someone you know has changed their email address, please let us know.  



Hello ladies,
We are counting down to less than eight months from our 40th class reunion set to be held June 28, 29 and 30 in Portland Oregon.
Now that the dates are set we are looking at venues for 3 to 4 different activities in order to offer up lots of opportunity to meet up with your classmates from 40 years ago.
We would like to arrange a very casual get together on Friday night which we could hold at St. Mary’s for a nominal fee unless someone has an art studio, golf club, winery, or any other sort of venue where we could pay for our own drinks and appetizers that provide a somewhat quiet atmosphere to visit and catch up.
For Saturday we’re open for discussion on events for the daytime which at our 30th if you remember we organized a fun golf tournament and were able to take advantage of one of our classmates who is related to a golf course owner, Carolyn Hickey.
We’d like to do a golf event again unless more people would be interested in doing something else , all input is welcome.

For Saturday evening we would like to have the main event which would be a nice sitdown dinner, alum only, at a nice venue such as a golf course, winery, or someplace like the Mac club or any other venue that would be affordable. We have checked into the Portland Art Museum and venues like that that are very cost prohibitive by the time you add catering. If you remember at our 30th we had a nice outdoor venue in Bethany that we enjoyed a catered buffet dinner and view of the NW  hills.  If you have an "in" somewhere, let us know.

Sunday we would also like to enjoy a Potluck picnic in a park somewhere if anybody has suggestions of where we could do something like that where we could bring our spouses and or children and in a lot of cases grandchildren.
Bottom line here is were looking for suggestions and mostly for affordable venues hoping that some of you have some connections in the  Portland area.
If you have any suggestions for any of the four events please email them no later than December 15, 2018 so we can start reserving event spaces and sending out more detailed information.
Also want to make a note here that if you are in touch with any SMA ‘79 graduates that we don’t currently have on our list (insert list) or have changed their email address, home address, or any contact info in the last 10 years or home address, please guide them to the website that Angela has so graciously kept up to date for us every year This email is coming to you based on the most current information on that website. If you haven’t been on there recently and want to update photographs of family members and yourself and update business information, retirements, please do so as soon as possible.
Angela and I will be meeting again around December 15 to compile the information and begin working on reserving venues. If you would like to participate in meeting with us please include that in your email to either Angela or I.


Sincerely, your reunion coordinators once again...


Angela Willis-Karzes

Shirley Koch-Bishop

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1)   * In the year 2019 which month would you suggest we hold our reunion?

2)   Let us know how many different activities you would participate in.

  18 Holes of Golf
  Outdoor Dinner
  Sunday Picnic
3)   List any other activities you would enjoy.

4)   * Did you come to the 30th Reunion?

Yes No
5)   At our 30th reunion in 2009 we had a golf tournament, outdoor dinner, and Sunday Picnic. What did you like least about these events? We will not take offense.

6)   What did you like the most about the 30th reunion?

7)   Do you have any suggestions for events/venues for the 40th reunion? Maybe you know someone? Connections are everything.

8)   Are you interested, willing to put in a few hours and help organize this event? We can use lots of different talents. If so, please make sure your information on our site is up to date so we can reach you.

Yes No
9)   Do you have any new contact information for us now on any other alums that may be missing from this website?

10)   Just to be fair. We understand when someone does not want to participate at all. If this is the case, let us know and we will remove you from any information regarding the reunion - outside this website. Just know you will always be our classmate and we care about you!


Now would be a great time to update your account with current email addresses, new photos, share what is going on....tell a story about finding one of your friends using this site and other social media outlets.  Let's stay connected.